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Students must complete 01:713:202 Introduction to Organizational Leadership prior to declaring the minor.

Students with 90 credits or more may not enroll in 01:713:202 Introduction to Organizational Leadership.

*No more than two fo the three Leadership Theory courses can be at the 100-or 200-level for students declaring the minor beginning in Fall 2009.

Leadership Theory I
01:730:105 Current Moral and Social Issues
01:730:106 Current Moral and Social Issues
01:730:107 Introduction to Ethics
01:730:108 Introduction to Ethical Theory
01:730:249 Medical Ethics
01:730:250 Environmental Ethics
01:730:251 Ethics and Business
01:730:330 Ethics of War
01:730:340 History of Ethics
01:730:341 Ethics through History
01:730:380 Ethics and Practical Reason
01:730:441 Ethical Theory
01:840:221 Ethical Issues
04:567:480 Media, Ethics and Law


Leadership Theory II
01:713:308 Leadership in a Diverse Workplace
01:070:204 Introduction to Social Evolution
01:450:363 Geography of Development
01:790:305 Public Policy Formation
01:790:312 Change in Latin America
01:790:333 American Race Relations
01:790:342 Public Administration: Public Policy
01:790:355 Women and Public Policy
01:790:363 Conflict Resolution in World Politics
01:830:373 Organizational and Personnel Psychology
01:830:375 Prejudice and Conflict
01:920:280 Collective Behavior and Social Movements
01:920:321 Urban Development and Community Change
01:988:130 Knowledge and Power: Issues in Women's Leadership
33:620:370 Managing Diversity
37:575:312 Conflict Resolution
37:575:364 Diversity in the Workplace


Leadership Theory III
01:220:341 Industrial Organizations
01:790:348 Psychology and Politics
01:830:311 Conditioning and Learning
01:830:321 Social Psychology
01:830:364 Motivation and Emotion
04:189:101 Introduction to Communication
04:192:220 Fundamentals of Speaking and Listening
04:192:366 Organizational Reputation and Representations
04:192:380 Public Speaking
33:620:410 Organizational Leadership
33:620:490 Organizational Behavior
  • 01:713:304 Laboratory on Leadership
    1 credit (prerequisite 01:713:303)


  • 01:713:495 Independent Study in Organizational Leadership (1-3 credits)

    Grades in all courses must be "C" or better. Total credits should equal 20-21.

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