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  • Organizational Culture and Financial Performance Bridget Smith (2015)  A consideration of the relationship between transformational leadership, culture and financials.
  • Changing Leadership Needs in the Context of Healthcare Reform Courtney E. Zyla (2015) A treatise on the current leadership practices employed by hospitals, how these practices are evolving to meet the demands put in place by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  • A Woman in the White House: What it will take for the First Female President to be Elected  Katie Weinert  (2015) This paper examines the background of women in politics, why females are not viewed as favorable politicians, the news media‚Äôs enforcement of the negative stereotypes of women politicians, and what leadership qualities the first female president will have to embody.
  • Leadership Underway: Examining the Effectiveness of Leadership Styles in the United States Navy Myisha A. Bryan (2015) The paper explores the question of if the United States Navy focused more on relationship oriented leadership, it would result in a reduction of suicide rates for both active duty members and veterans and increased operational effectiveness.
  • Leadership in a Global Environment: Challenges, Development & Success Vivianne Mohan (2014) A consideration of how leaders should manage global teams made up of diverse personalitiees, cultural norms and work ethics.
  • Leadership and Feedback Carlos Ortiz (2014) A treatise on the different proactive methods that leaders can utilize to provide overall better and more effective feedback to their group members.
  • How Social Media Is Used by Leaders in the Creation of More Emergent Leaders Genevieve Strycharz (2013) How the effective use of social media tools can expand leadership opportunites to a wider pool of individuals.
  • Educational Leadership Aaron Patel (2014) A review of how new technology and multimedia is transforming leadership in the field of education. 
  • Leader Attributes vs. Successfulness Soumen Paul (2014) An analysis of how a leader's physical attributes correlates with their effectiveness in executing leadership.
  •  Ballroom Dancing to LMX in Organizational Leadership Tracey Samuel (2014) A comparison of the effective use of LMX Theory and a contemporary understanding of ballroom dancing.
  • Can College Students Be Leaders? Cortney Brewer (2013) How student development and leadership theories can predict college students' ability to lead.
  • Tweeting Authentic Leadership: Social Meida in a Leadership Context Adam Helgeson  (2013) An examination of the role of social media in enhancing authentic leadership.
  • Systemic Approach to Transformational Leadership Elaf Saeedike Achebe (2013) How a leader can effectively utilize transformational leadership.
  • The Relationship Between Diversity and Leadership As It Relates to Post Modern 20st Century Chike Achebe (2012) An analysis of diversity and leadership effectiveness.
  • Leadership Development in flat organizations Suzanne Kovasc (2012) An examination of the impact of the disappearance of multiple management on senior leadership and emerging leader.
  • Defining the Core Values Within Leadership Richard Palmer (2012) The impact of an awareness of core values on leadership success.
  • Military Leadership Andrew Treubig (2012) An essay on improving military leadership through the adaption of more contemporary leadership styles.
  • Blending Transformational Leadership with Adaptive Change Ryan Wintersteen (2012) An essay on the value of merging these two theories into a single leadership approach.


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