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Approved Courses in Leadership Theory

Leadership Theory I
01:730:105 Current Moral and Social Issues
01:730:107 Introduction to Ethics
01:730:249 Medical Ethics
01:730:441 Ethical Theory
01:730:442 Moral Responsibility
03:691:392 Military Leadership and Ethics
03:691:392 Leadership and Ethics
04:567:480 Media Ethics and the Law
10:652:201 Introduction to Medical Humanities and Ethics
10:652:301 Medical Ethics
10:501:356 Health Care Ethics and Law
10:832:356 Public Health Law and Ethics
10:833:480 Ethics in Planning and Public Policy
11:115:321 Ethics in Biochemistry Research
11:374:289 Sustainable Food: Politics, Policy, and Ethics
11:607:385 The Ethical Leader
11:522:334 Business Ethics


Leadership Theory II
01:014:353 Black Community Law and Social Change
01:070:201 Evolution of Human Behavior
01:450:363 Geography of Development
01:450:370 Climate Change and Society
01:574:310 Gender and social Change in Korea
01:713:308  Leadership in a Diverse Workplace
01:790:305 Public Policy Formation
01:790:312 Change in Latin America
01:790:333 American race Relations
01:790:355 Women in Public Policy
01:790:363 Conflict Resolution in World Politics
01:790:386 Political Change in China
01:830:373 Organizational and Personnel Psychology
01:920:370 Global Structures and Change
01:988:130 Knowledge & Power: Issues in Women's Leadership
04:189::352 Self and Society in Virtual Contexts


Leadership Theory III
01:220:441 Industrial Organizations
01:790:348 Psychology and Politics
01:830:321 Social Psychology
01:830:364 Motivation and Emotion
04:189:101 Introduction to Communication
04:189:151 Virtual Team Dynamics
04:192:359 Persuasive Communcation
04:192:380 Public Speaking
04:192:458 Leadership in Groups and Organizations
04:547:210 Management of Technological Organizations
10:762:361 Managing People and Organizations
10:843:361 Managing People and Organizations
11:607:485 Understanding Group Dynamics and Team Process
37:575:230 People, Work, and Organzations
37:575:318 Leadership in Work Organizations

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