The Organizational Leadership Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program

Rutgers SignWelcome! This site is designed to provide you with information about the certification program in Organizational Leadership "Leadership in Diverse Organizations".  This program is a unique academic opportunity to expand your potential as an emerging leader in your profession, vocation and in your community. By design, this program is academically rigorous and yet offers functional flexibility and practical application. The program prepares students to make important contributions, through an enhanced understanding of organizational leadership, in the private and public sectors whether it be in corporate, legal, not for profit, community, or governmental organizations. Unifying the theoretical and practical elements of organizational dynamics, the program ensures that students' academic experience is gauged towards a comprehensive experience that potential employers can recognize as immediately valuable to their organizations. The Program’s faculty all share a deep and sustained commitment to preparing students to function as emerging leaders in a wide variety of professional settings. The Certification Program in Organizational Leadership offers:

  • Excellent professional preparation
  • Experiential learning
  • Collaborative learning

The Certification provides a distinctive set of leadership proficiencies for individuals preparing for professionals careers that require or would be enhanced by a comprehensive knowledge of leadership within an organizational context.  An understanding of how to be effective in interpersonal and group dynamics is an essential part of modern life; this program is valuable to people who are continuing on to graduate level studies, entering the job market or wishes to advance in their current career or to explore new career options.