Course Synopses

01:713:404 - Advanced Organizational Applications

This course is designed as a "capstone" learning experience for the Minor in Organizational Leadership. Students are expected to expand their use of the theoretical and practical knowledge base of leadership theory and group dynamics in their analysis of readings, team projects, and the writing of a term paper, as well as other assignments. Students must assume a high degree of responsibility for their learning experience both in and out of the classroom.

01:713:308 - Leadership in a Diverse Workplace

This course is to further your understanding of multicultural issues by expanding the focus of study from the university to the wider world of work. This course will expose you to theory, research, and practice in the ways that cultural diversity is managed in organizations and social institutions. This course will include an overview of perspectives on diversity, organizations and diversity, various dimensions of diversity, specific diversity cases, as well as exercises on experiencing diversity.

01:730:303 - Immediate Organizational Applications

Immediate Organizational Applications examines leadership in the context of groups and organizations. Rather than the focus on leadership or leader from an individual perspective, this class focuses on the role of leadership in the organization system. Special emphasis is placed on developing an appreciation for group and organization dynamics, development and communication. This class will expand on the theoretical knowledge gained in Introduction to Organizational Leadership with emphasis on practical applications. Learning techniques will include assigned readings, lectures, discussions and experiential exercises. Class members will explore group and organization leadership in many facets.

01:713:202 - Introduction to Organizational Leadership

Designed as an introduction, this course examines the nature of leadership, the processes that underpin group decisions, and the basic features of organizational culture. It provides a basic understanding of the organizational challenges that leaders must meet in order to successfully guide the course of event in a complex group, and analyzes how leaders must prepare themselves to meet those challenges.  The course, furthermore, familiarizes students with the basic literature and with fundamental issues that they may consider in depth in other courses within the minor. Through group projects, students will develop strategies for integrating and sharing their knowledge.